120 FPS uncompressed 4K video playback

This video shows a test in our lab. Generic 4K content, uncompressed with 30 Bit color depth is played with 120 FPS on our B6 Series server. The output is recorded with a high speed (low res) camera at 240 FPS. It should show that 120 frames per second are definitely played. Of course it does not show resolution and color depth, but this would be hard to capture anyways.

The vertical white bar moves the same pixel count to the right for each frame. In real it is an indicator for smooth playback, because any jerking would result in a jerky movement of this bar. The timecode above the frame counter is embedded by the video server. The frame count is burned into the video. At the slow motion sequences you can clearly see that the timecode counts up to 119 during one second of playback.

The video has a lot of generated noise in the background to simulate "worst case" content: content that would overcharge wavelet based codecs and would be removed by lossy codecs. It is possible that you don't see it in this video, because it was converted to a lossy format for internet playback.

Here is one original 4K frame as reference:

We will soon add a 120FPS machine to our product range and we will see if this is "the next" framerate after current 60. There are definitely an advantage for content with a lot of motion. We are ready for it!