B8 Series Server Configurator

1) Content Resolution4) Realtime Resolution6) Internal Format7) Outputs Resolution8) # OutputsContent Bandwidth
2) Content Framerate (FPS)5) Realtime Framerate (FPS) Content Size
3) Content Duration (Min) Total Bandwidth

9) Server TypePSU TypeGenlock OptionAdd-On Card 1Add-On Card 2Add-On Card 3Add-On Card 4

10) COMPACT ServersENTRY ServersPRO Servers11) Selected Server

1) "Content Resolution": Enter total content resolution in pixel, which the server should be capable to play at once. Type the number and press enter to submit. F.e. for one 4K video enter 4096x2160, for two 4K videos enter 8192x2160, for one 8K Dome master enter 8192x8192.
2) "Content Framerate (FPS): Enter content framerate.
3) "Content Duration (Min)": If linear media playback is required, specify the content length that the server should be capable to store in the specified format.
4) "Realtime Resolution": Enter total content resolution in pixel, which the server should be capable to process through capture, NDI or any other 3rd party inputs (at the same time of linear media playback or instead of linear media playback).
5) "Realtime Framerate (FPS): Enter realtime framerate.
6) "Internal Format": Select the format that you want to use to store content or stream media.
7) "Outputs Resolutions": Specify your required signal resolution of the physical outputs. If physical outputs needs to have different resolutions, adding genlock option is mandatory and specify the biggest resolution here. Full 5K resolution supports 8 Bit only, limits of DP 1.4a without DSC apply for 8 and 10 Bit. NOTE: all outputs must have the same refresh rate.
8) "# Outputs": Specify your required numbers of physical outputs. PRO Series servers are capable to split 4K outputs into 4x2K outputs if external quadrant splitters are used.
9) Select Server Type, PSU Type, Genlock and Add-On options. Dante Virtual audio can be ordered as optional software license.
10) Matching servers are listed in the COMPACT, ENTRY and PRO list boxes. Click on one of the servers to select it.
11) Details of selected server. Copy the type and get in touch with us to receive a proposal.
Note: prices and specs may change without notice!