BX Series Software

The BX Series Software Suite for B7 & B8 Series Server

Our media servers are designed for professionals who demand the highest level of performance and versatility in their visual presentations. With advanced media management and playback capabilities, mapping content to any display, screen or surface is a breeze. Our real-time warping and blending technology ensures a seamless, professional look, while the node-based logic editor provides an efficient way to program show logic and graphical user interfaces. Auto-calibration of multi-channel projection ensures consistent, accurate results, making our media servers the ideal choice for demanding projects.

At the core of our technology, you'll find the tools you need to take your visual presentations and shows to the next level:

Description Optional
Backstage Core Media Server Software
Conductor Motion, Effect and Show Programming
Calibrator Camera Based Calibration of Multi-Channel Projections
Media Manager Audio and Video Media Manager
System Tools OS & System Management