Graphical, timeline based effect and show programming for Art-Net, Beckhoff, Enttec, sACN, Weigl devices, Udp, RS232 and Multichannel Audio devices. Art-Net, sACN and DMX monitoring, recording and playout. Realtime inputs through any DirectInput compatible hardware like mouse, keyboard, MIDI, joystick, gamepads or similar. OSC input. Posistage tracking input. Realtime limiting of speed and acceleration of a motion profile. C# scripting.

Frame accurate with BRAINSALT server or standalone operation

Conductor is a timeline based show programming software that visualizes every numeric output (any analog, digital or DMX output) through a curve. Commands can be placed along the timeline in commands channels. A numeric channel can have different interpolation modes: step, linear or curve. Just add control points by double clicking into to channel, edit value and time by dragging the point or enter accurate values through the quick edit command.

Live Recording and Timeline Editing 

You can map and record an external devices like mouse, keyboard, joystick, MIDI faders and game controllers to any or multiple channels and program your show in real-time. Punch In/Out can be set per group - you decide to record to all or single channels. Input values can be scaled or inverted and you can define ease-in and out times for devices with no force feedback, to avoid any jumps in the recording data. 

Keyframe Sliders
As an alternative to direct point manipulation, the keyframe sliders allow you to jump from point to point and adjust the value of the point with the slider.

Multi-Channel Audio with Volume Control
Load and route audio up to 16 audio channels. Volume envelopes can be put to every audio file.

Art-Net, sACN & DMX Recording
Record and monitor unlimited (depends on network and CPU power) Art-Net, sACN universes at once or one universe through an ENTTEC or Weigl interface and assign the recorded data to any DMX capable device. The recorded data can also be extracted for editing. Recording is synchronized either through BRAINSALT’s cluster timecode, Artnet timecode or can be triggered by the first changing DMX channel or by hitting a button.

Offline Editing
Import video and have a frame accurate preview for offline editing.

C# Scripts
Conductor allows to access channel values through C# and modify it programmatically. Any output channel can then refer to the result of the C# script. This allows to add mathematical calculations between programming curves and output values.

Operation with BRAINSALT Server or Cluster
For show operation, Conductor runs parallel to Backstage on the video server or cluster controller. For show editing, Conductor can run on a separate laptop and can control the server or server cluster over network. Any drag of the locator in Conductor will let the video on the screen follow within milliseconds. The final show is then copied back on the BRAINSALT server. Backstage will manage Conductor to load the correct effect file for each entry in the video playlist.

Supported I/Os:

sACN, Artnet, UDP, RS232, Enttec ESP (f.e. ODE MK2), Beckhoff ADS, Beckhoff TcCom (optional), Weigl

Use our Conductor Full Edition for show creation and programing. If just playout of an existing show together with Backstage on our media servers is needed, you can use the "Play" Edition. Conductor is available as Download and can be started in Demo Mode.

Full Play
Realtime mode with channel limitations of speed and acceleration:
DMX recording:
DMX output: unlimited unlimited
Art-Net/sACN recording:
Art-Net/sACN devices in Conductor:
Input controller for programing:
C# script channels, Custom Plugins:
Import and Export CSV Files, Import Open-Hex Files
Sync to external timecode (Possible Inputs: Plura LTC Reader card, Backstage): Backstage only
Remote control of Conductor through UDP commands: Backstage only
Saving enabled:

Latest Conductor and Demo Version:

Conductor is available as demo application to test it for your show and effects programming needs. Use this link to download Conductor.