Load Audio and Video Media to BRAINSALTs pixel perfect uncompressed single frames formats. Compose playlists from frame sequences and audio files that can be played as movies with Backstage. Supports content slicing for server clusters. Rapid deployment of single frames to a server cluster for real-time content review.

Media Manager accepts a wide range of video and numbered still image formats that can be loaded and composed to show playlists. It allows either to load a complete movie or just a range of frames. Multiple jobs can be setup and processed all at once. Playlist are setup on a “per frame” basis - single frames, shots or scenes can be easily replaced. With the help of an integrated version control system you can quickly jump between different versions of each section in your playlist. A “live” mode allows to quickly show 2D or 3D frames on a server or server cluster. An integrated “Frame Viewer” allows to take a close look on every loaded frame. 

Multi Channel and Multi Server Workflow

In multi channel, multi server environments with media resolutions beyond 4K, the Media Manager - optionally in combination with BRAINSALT's camera based Calibrator - is used to slice up the source media to parts that are suitable for each playback channel. The slicing is done without any decrease of image quality.

Supported Still Image Formats
List of Supported Formats: DPX (8, 10, 16 Bit), PNG (8, 16 Bit), BMP, DDS, EXR, HDR, JPEG/JIF, JPEG-2000, JPEG-XR, KOALA, RAW, SGI, TARGA, TIFF
Since transfer of content is often done over internet and also transfer speed to a locally installed drive depends on file sizes, we suggest to use a lossless compression for each frame, for example PNGs.

Supported Audio Formats
Dependent on the system configuration, stereo or mono WAV files with for example 48 or 96KHz, 16 or 24 Bit can be loaded and managed through the Media Manager.