Camera Based Motion Detection for Interactivity

Analyzer is a powerful software tool designed for motion detection using one or multiple tracking cameras. It analyzes camera images and detects changes within manually defined areas or a homogeneous grid. The software provides various modes and adjustable parameters to customize sensitivity and analyzing behavior for each area individually. It supports frame-by-frame motion detection, comparison with reference images, and color-based searching. Analyzer is optimized for use with IR-based tracking cameras, enabling accurate motion detection on surfaces with moving media, such as interactive projections. The software seamlessly integrates with our Backstage software or third-party applications to trigger actions based on detected motion areas. 

Key Features

  • Motion Detection: Analyser utilizes our tracking cameras to detect changes in camera images.
  • Area Definition: Users can manually define areas of interest or use a homogeneous grid for motion detection.
  • Individual Parameter Adjustment: Sensitivity and analyzing mode can be adjusted individually for each defined area.
  • Frame-by-Frame Comparision: Analyzer can compare camera images on a frame-by-frame basis to detect any motion.
  • Reference Image Comparison: Analyzer can compare the current image with a previously stored reference image to identify nonmoving objects.
  • Color-Based Searching: Analyzer offers a mode to search for specific colors within the camera images.
  • IR Tracking Cameras: The software is compatible with our industrial GigE cameras, which are based on infrared (IR) technology.
  • Support for Tracking on Surfaces with Moving Media: IR tracking cameras enable motion detection on surfaces with moving media, such as interactive projections.
  • Training with Backstage Software: The tracking grid can be trained using our Backstage software, ensuring pixelperfect motion detection on the projection surface.
  • Network Integration: Analyzer can transmit triggered areas over the network to either our Backstage software or third-party applications for further processing.
  • High Framerate Support: The software is optimized for high framerates, ensuring accurate motion detection with low latency.

Analyzer is optional and must be licensed separately. Analyzer requires special cameras, please contact us for details.