Graphical, timeline based effect and show programming for Art-Net/sACN, Beckhoff, Enttec ESP and Weigl devices. Art-Net, sACN and DMX monitoring and recording.  Real-time programming through mouse, keyboard, MIDI, joystick, gamepads or similar.  

Please note: this is a description of using Conductor with show controllers. For creating shows together with our video servers in real-time mode, see Show Programming with Video Server.

Conductor is a timeline based show programming software that visualizes every numeric output (any analog, digital or DMX output) through a curve. Commands can be placed along the timeline in commands channels. A numeric channel can have different interpolation modes: step, linear or curve. Just add control points by double clicking into to channel, edit value and time by dragging the point or enter accurate values through the quick edit command.

Live Recording and Timeline Editing 
You can map and record an external devices like Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, MIDI faders and Game Controllers to any or multiple channels and program your show in real-time. Punch In/Out can be set per group - you decide to record to all or single channels. Input values can be scaled or inverted and you can define ease-in and out times for devices with no force feedback, to avoid any jumps in the recording data. 

Keyframe Sliders
As an alternative to direct point manipulation, the keyframe sliders allow you to jump from point to point and adjust the value of the point with the slider.

Multi Channel Audio With Volume Control
Load and route audio to up to 16 audio channels. Volume Envelopes can be put to every audio file.

Art-Net, sACN & DMX Recording
Record and monitor multiple Art-Net and sACN universes at once (not limited to a number, just by performance of your network and CPU) or one universe through Entec or Weigl Pro I-O DMX interface and assign the recorded data to any DMX output device. The recorded data can also be extracted for editing. Recording is synchronized either through Art-net/sACN Timecode or can be triggered by the first changing DMX channel or by hitting a button.

Offline Editing
Import video and have a frame accurate preview for offline editing, if your final show should run synchronous to video.

C# Scripts
Conductor allows to access channel values through C# and modify it programmatically. Any output channel can then refer to the result of the C# script. This allows to add mathematical calculations between programming curves and output values.

Upload and run from Weigl ProCommander show controllers

Final shows can be exported to flash card or deployed to ProCommander(s) over network. During export you can choose the start mode of each show, f.e. if it should play immediately after power on or on an external trigger. Shows can be mixed: while a main show is running, multiple other shows can be started that run parallel to the main show. A powerful script language with the support of variables allows you to create simple show logic on the Weigl ProCommander show controllers.

We offer different versions to meet project requirements and budget. Please contact us for details. Conductor is available as Download and can be started in Demo Mode.

Editions for Weigl ProCommander Show Controller
Full Show Control and Creation
Starter Basic Advanced Full
Supported devices: Weigl ProCommander and Pro I-O only Art-Net/sACN, Beckhoff, Enttec ESP, Weigl, ...
Realtime mode with channel limitations of speed and acceleration:
Max. ProCommander per Showfile: 1 1 1 unlimited
Max. Pro I/O Modules as ProCommander Slaves per Showfile: 0 10 32 unlimited
Max. Standalone Pro I/O Modules per Showfile: 0 0 5 unlimited
DMX recording:
DMX output: 1 Universe 1 Universe 5 Universe unlimited
Art-Net/sACN recording:
Supported audio formats for export to flash card: OGG OGG AAC, OGG AAC, OGG
Max. number of shows per export to flash card: 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Input controller for programing: Keyboard and Mouse only
C# script channels, Custom Plugins:
Import and Export CSV Files, Import Open-Hex Files
Sync to external timecode (Possible Inputs: Pro Commander, LTC Reader on Computer, Playmaker on Video Server, Time of day): ProCommander only ProCommander only
Remote control of Conductor through UDP commands:
Saving enabled: