B6 Series Video Server

Uncompressed 4:4:4, High Resolution, High Framerate, High Bitdepth - the key features of our B6 series video servers. Up to 32K media resolution, 30Bit color depth, 120FPS, 2D or 3D playback with one or multiple units, frame- and genlocked for perfect synchronous running video channels. Integrated image warping and edge blending allow perfect projection on any surface.

The BRAINSALT B6 Series, the successor of the BSM 2010 and 2013 series video servers, is a complete range of video servers with up to ten synchronous running HD/2K+ or two UHD/4K+ video channels. All servers support uncompressed video playback in RGB mode with up to 30 Bits color depth. Perfect linear video playback in 2D, 3D, with up to 120 FPS and beyond 4K resolution. Various audio options, our camera based calibration system for multi-channel projection and our show control software Conductor completes the B6 Series to one of the most versatile solution available from a single vendor in the market.

UHD/4K Outputs HD/2K Outputs Hardware Redundancy
4K PLUS Models up to 2
HD PLUS Models up to 10
HD ECO Models up to 4
Audio Models ()
B6 Series Software Platform of B6 Series Server

The B6 Series video server consists of two general types of models: ECO and PLUS. PLUS models are built for highest reliability and maximum performance. They have redundant power supplies and redundant fans. ECO models are also built for highest reliability, but do not have any redundancy.

Naming Convention

*) Available Q1/16