Projection on Any Screen Shape

Dome, Panorama, 360°, Tunnel, Sphere and Freeform - perfect, uncompressed video serving to on any surface any size. Automatically calibrated with our camera based alignment software Calibrator  to ensure perfect quality over all time of operation. See below some possible applications realized with our products.

Dome Projection

With circular or elliptical ground, any count of projectors, Dome Masters up to 32k x32k

References: Traumzeit(Dreamtime) Dome Europapark/Rust, Deap Sea Odyssey Ocean Kingdom/Zhuhai, Madame Tussauds/London, C2 Turnkey Nanospheron/AT/USA/PRC, World Expo 2010 Shanghai Pavilion/Shanghai, Dragons Treasure (The Bubble) City of Dreams/Macao PRC,...

3D Dome Projection

Perfectly synchronous running channels, frame and genlock, any count of projectors, Dome Masters up to 32k x32k

References: IMG World of Adventure/Dubai, Turtle Trek Seaworld/Orlando

Part of Dome with Custom Content Mapping

For example for Flying Theaters with one or multiple blended 4K projectors

References: Voletarium Europa-Park/Rust Germany, Flying Over Indonesia/Bali Indonesia, Fly Over Iceland/Reykjavik Iceland, Wanda Harbin City/Harbin PRC, Wanda Movie Park/Wuhan PRC, Batman Darkflight/Macao, World Fly Venture Lotte World Adventure/Seoul South Korea

Any Screen Shape with Custom Content Mapping in 3D

For example for Tram Rides

References: Alien Attack Chimelong Paradise/Guangzhou

360° Projection

For Example for Cylinders

References: Audi Pavilion Autostadt/Wolfsburg, Russian Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance Centre/Moscow

Tunnel Projection

For Example for Coasters

References: Manta Ride Seaworld/San Diego, AVIC Pavilion World Expo 2010/Shanghai

Panorama Projection

References: Msheireb Downtown Doha/Qatar, Deep Sea Odyssey Ocean Kingdom/Zhuhai, Russian Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance Centre/Moscow, Virtual Aquarium City of Dreams/Macao and many, many more.