The Dragons Treasure

City of Dreams
Macao, PRC
Year: 2009
Integrator: Kraftwerk Living Technologies
Attraction Design and Media Production: Falcons Treehouse

Seamless high quality video projection in a 36 Meter Dome with elliptical ground. Total resolution of 30 Megapixel and perfectly smooth 60 Frames per Second - realised with a HD3D+Server cluster.

THEA Award 2009 for Outstanding Achievement

Falcon's Treehouse LLC designed and integrated media and technologies for this awesome project, which was honored with the 2009 THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement.

8 Brainsalt Media HD3D+ Videoserver with 2 x 2K output resolution each feed the 15 x 2K projectors and generate a seamless picture on the dome surface. More than 30 Megapixel resolution and 60 frames per seconds generate a perfect visual and fluent video playback. Warping and Blending is done with our server system. It is automatically (re)adjusted by a camera based auto alignment system to guarantee a perfect picture at any time even after years of operation.

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