Turtle Trek, USA

Orlando, USA
Year: 2012
Integrator: Kraftwerk Living Technologies

This passive 3D Dome Projection with 34 projectors and up to 60 FPS per eye is a new milestone for BRAINSALT. We provided Video Servers, Auto Alignment and Show Control for the new Turtle Trek attraction at Seaworld Orlando. 

The new Seaworld Orlando attraction opened end of April 2012. For BRAINSALT (and we believe for the rest of the world, too) it was the first time to do a passive 3D dome with 34 projectors, 60 frames per second per eye. The projection is calibrated by our Auto Alignment (4 cameras). The calibration includes a gain compensation that minimizes the brightness differences caused by the silver screen. 5 x HD3D-PLUS 2010 are feeding 10 projectors at 2K resolution, 6 x HD4-PLUS 2010 are feeding 24 projectors at 720p resolution. The overall resolution is about 25 megapixels. 

Falcon's Treehouse LLC - designer, supervisor and media producer of this attraction - did a fantastic job and solved the "OMNI 3D issue": in a dome like this, every visitor is free to watch into any direction to the screen and at any time, the image has to look 3D. The production of such content is totally different and very complex compared to "usual" domes, where the visitors are sitting and have a viewing direction. BSM never had such immersive "holodeck like" experiences before!

Kraftwerk Living Technologies did a great job integrating the complete system including projectors, servers, cameras and control system.

We thank all parties for being part of this extraordinary project.

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