Show Controllers and I/Os

The ProCommander and Pro I-O Series is a set of solid-state show controllers and network connected I/O Modules that allows you to interface with nearly any device you need to control. Conductor is used to create and export shows to ProCommanders.

The ProCommanders are solid-state show controllers with a flash memory card slot. Different shows can be stored on a card and either run automatically, triggered by an external event or scheduled at a specific time. The ProCommanders can be daisy chained with one or multiple Pro I-O Modules - just add modules for every interfaces you need.

Solid-State Show Controllers Network attached I/Os
ProCommander Series
Pro I-O Series
Conductor Real-time Show Programming and export to ProCommander

Both, ProCommanders and Pro I-O Modules can be accessed through our show programming software Conductor. Alternatively to run shows live from Conductor on a BRAINSALT video server, Conductor allows to upload show data to ProCommander show controllers.  Shows on a ProCommander can be set to loop on power-up; be triggered internally by other timelines, digital or analog inputs; wait to sync with incoming SMPTE timecode; or simply begin from a UDP command.